Our Flock and Fleeces
The Yellowfarm is home to a pampered flock of registered Wensleydale and registered Teeswater sheep. We have been invested in both these breeds for many years, and are committted to the breed up brocess that using artificial insemination to recreate breeds here in the US that can not be imported.

Our animals, bred for correctness of conformation and for fiber. Members of our flock have taken championships at both New York Sheep and Wool in Rhinebeck NY and at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Most of our flock in both breeds are above 93% and many are considered purebred American Teeswater and American Wensleydales. We have also been proud to host an inspector from the UK Teeswater Sheep Society who approved ewe of ours to go into the supplementary flock book in the UK. This means that eventually we will have Teeswaters that are registered in the UK. This is the first time this has ever been done by a sheep breed here in the states.

As a spinner and active member of the fiber arts community, I am in love with fiber, and particularly our fabulous breeds. The curl and luster is amazing ans an absolute dream to work with.

Lambs typically arrive in March. We maintain a very small flock with as wide a genetic pool as possible, therefore we ususlly have a couple of brood ewes and lambs available for sale each year. If you are looking for a whether, please let us know in March, as we like to get that done wihin the first several weeks.

Our fleeces will be availabe periodically on the Shepherds Talk webiste ( ) Please feel free to email and inqire about fiber and breeding stock.

Tom and Virginia