Teeswater sheep are a remarkable long wool heritage breed originating in the UK. Their fleeces are absolutely gorgeous with long, extremely lustrous locks that fall into lovely purled locks.

We are members of the American Teeswater Sheep Association and have 'bred-up' ( via AI) using excellent foundation stock and semen from Champion UK Teeswater rams. Our first purebred 96% Teeswater lambs were born in 2011. We are also members of the UK Teeswater Sheep Association and have had ewes tagged from our flock for their supplimental registry. Spring 2016 we may have the first UK registered lambs born.

Teeswaters are extremely well built, large framed animals, marked with the unusual coloration on their heads and noses. Their fleeces are a rare commodity, super lustrous and soft. We are thrilled to be working to help establish this outstanding breed here in the USA.

About the Teeswater:

This breed is a uniquely lustrous, large, long wool breed. It’s unique facial markings and long, soft, purled locks are trademark characteristics that set this regal breed apart. The Teeswater is intelligent and alert, and yet is also among the most docile of breeds. The wool is soft and supple to handle and retains its superior curl and luster after washing. The luster remains after spinning giving the finished product a pearly sheen. Traditionally a dual purpose breed, Teeswaters provide a superior fleece and are renowned for their ability to pass on size, prolificy and carcass quality. The Teeswater has been bred for almost two hundred years in the UK, originating in the County of Durham, England. Like all longwool sheep in Northern England they were influenced by Bakewells activities in the 18th century.